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Building tools on top of existing frameworks to deal with the complexity of virtual research management.

Research Communication

  • Requirements collection
  • Evaluation of ELN and LIMS
  • Introducing data and document management
  • CRO – client project and research communication
  • Capturing and sharing of research data
  • Templating forms
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Optimizing workflows to maximize productivity while keeping your employees engaged.

Process Improvement

  • Analysis and articulation of laboratory information workflow
  • Waste reduction (material and effort)
  • Performance metrics
  • Shortening of turnaround times (reports, analysis and work)
  • Staff (re-) allocation planning
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Successfully executing pre-clinical research projects with proven expertise.

Project Management

  • Tools and methodology development
  • Introducing principles & systems for project management in scientific research laboratories
  • Program management office framework development
  • Project and program health check
  • Managing outcome, end dates and budget
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Independent view on information management and data communication systems.

Research and Analysis

  • Business case development
  • Technology and capabilities assessment
  • Assessing resource saving opportunities
  • Operations improvement planning
  • Best practice research and benchmarking
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Harvesting raw data and making instrument data and databases compatible.

Data Management

  • Requirements assessment
  • Integrating instrument data
  • Providing data translation and re-formatting tools
  • Software tool selection
  • Software development
  • Implementation support
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Building a network of research services suppliers and stimulating organizational change.

Outsourcing Strategy

  • Assessing outsourcing needs
  • Identifying outsourcing partners
  • Integration of CRO/CMOs into in-house research efforts
  • Vendor evaluation and selection
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BIO DATA BRIDGES delivers results and saves you time through intelligent application of tailored research data systems that are constructed by experienced professionals.