About Us

Bio Data Bridges is a life science information contracting and consulting firm located in Seattle, focused on partnering with the future stars of the drug discovery industry. We facilitate internal changes to data management, and deliver agile information technology solutions that fit your organization. We have deep experience with systems that support drug discovery research. We can tap into this experience to help streamline communication, improve project execution and operational success at a fast pace. This way your researchers can focus on understanding data and derive value for your organization.

Agile Tooling

Our hands-on approach is sensitive to the fact that information management systems are complicated, are deeply rooted in your organization’s core and can not be supplanted easily with entirely new systems in a ‘Big Bang’ approach. We believe in leveraging existing systems and building in short sprints together with your users.



We create long-term value in your organization by helping you execute on cost reduction measures. Our approach is pragmatic and focuses on automating information flow where it makes a substantial impact. In modern laboratories researchers are faced with a deluge of data, reaching them in real-time from laboratory instruments, their collaborators, online database searches and other sources. We help by creating data streams that your scientists can manage with ease.


We don’t re-invent wheels. In order to achieve results fast we prefer leveraging existing platforms and systems that are in place already. This way we identify the 20% effort it takes to realizes 80% value for you.