Our Expertise

Our experience in life science and information technologies provides you with tangible results that save you time and effort. Tap into this experience to streamline internal and external communication, improve project execution and operational success at a fast pace.

Custom Software Solutions

  • Laboratory automation software design
  • Web-based experiment design tools
  • User requirements gathering and training
  • Business case and return on investment (ROI) estimates
  • In-house databases and data connectivity tools
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Life Science and Drug Discovery

  • Virtual drug discovery, molecular modeling
  • Bioinformatics, gene design
  • Protein engineering, recombinant expression, purification and characterization
  • New information systems due diligence
  • X-ray crystallographic structure determination
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Virtual Research Collaboration

  • Providing contract research services
  • Initiating and executing research collaborations
  • Externalizing research projects to outside providers
  • Multi-party research communication management
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