Virtual Research Collaboration

We understand the modern landscape of distributed research collaboration and the arising communication needs because we have helped create and taken active roles in many collaborative research projects. We have worked with Universities, non-for profit research institutes, start-up biotech, virtual biotech and biopharmaceutical companies as instigators and participants of virtual research teams. And we have shaped communication tools to facilitate the effective communication between players.

Examples of Our Expertise

Large-scale research initiatives

We have initiated and actively participated in multiple distributed life science research groups, for instance ATCG3D, NIH Roadmap Technologies and SSGCID. In this capacity we have devised and executed scientific research plans, including budgeting, intellectual property management and dissemination of research results to participating research groups. We provided information in the form of formal reports, standardized data collections, scientific posters and publications, oral presentations at scientific meetings and via informal ways such as video-supported conference calls, online data sharing and workflow management systems. This was the basis for coordinating parallel research efforts carried out by participating groups at multiple-locations.

Conducting outsourced research projects

We have worked with contract research organizations (CROs) and contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs) to produce research results in a cost-effective manner. Specifically, we have managed the outsourced synthesis of reagents, the assembly of compound libraries and sample analysis with domestic and international providers. We coordinated our ongoing in-house research efforts with those of contract research organizations in order to align overall project progress.

Providing contract research services to clients

We have managed complex research projects in the capacity of project and program managers at Contract Research Organizations (Beryllium) and Contract Manufacturing Organizations (Rigaku Reagents, formerly Emerald BioSystems). This included defining the scope of research plans (protein expression, structural and functional characterization), collecting requirements and devising research plans that are set up for success. In addition to managing the laboratory-based execution of such research projects we helped createing systems to support standardized budgeting and ensureing fiscal discipline during project execution. Clear communication of scientific and programmatic aspects were key to the successful delivery of milestones to domestic and international clients. In order to facilitate the transparency of research progress on the CRO and client side we have managed online information repositories for secure sharing of data.

Other areas of expertise:

  • Selecting, managing and integrating outsourced research and associated documentation
  • Managing intellectual property in collaborative research initiatives
  • Managing research projects and contracts
  • Managing cloud-based Sharepoint sites for information exchange