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Data Management

Information At Your Fingertips

Data is the life blood of your life science research organization. How do you ensure that data is protected and at the same time easily available when needed? Are your researchers thinking about the meaning of their data or are they frustrated by not finding what they’re looking for, by disconnected arcane data systems and the mundane tasks of re-formatting files for new analysis tools? 

We work with your team(s) to collect requirements and introduce best practices in data and document management. We help you to improve capturing and safe sharing of research data to enhance project and research communication with your collaborators. Information management and data communication systems age very quickly, especially since users are expecting consumer-grade navigation features and are reluctant to learn new systems.

We consult with you, assess your particular pain points in data management and we recommend how to morph into an adaptable system that is tailored to your team. But we don’t stop there. We can evaluate ELNs and LIMS (electronic notebook, laboratory information management systems), and build software tools to integrate your instrument data, provide data translation and re-formatting tools. 

This way your scientists can reap the benefits of available data and execute towards their goals. Maximize the impact of your talent.