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Outsourcing Strategy

Doing More With Less

Doing more work with fewer on-site personnel at lowered cost. Temporarily accessing specialized research services that are difficult to establish in-house.

Today’s life science research is carried out by a virtual network of contract research organizations (CROs), contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs), vendors and collaborators. How do you tap into this treasure trove without extending project timelines? How do you build an effective network of outsourcing partners? And from the CRO/CMO perspective: how do you assure attracting clients that fit your target profile and that keep coming back for repeat business?

We help you assess your outsourcing needs and identify outsourcing partners. We consult with you on devising an outsourcing strategy to build an effective network of research service suppliers and stimulate changes within your organization to adapt to this model. An important component of such a strategy could be the integration of CROs/CMOs into your ongoing in-house research efforts.

We can help you with execution by pre-evaluating and selecting vendors with you and creating an outsourcing management system for you to orchestrate information and material flow to optimally leverage these relationships.

Our advantage stems from our deep insights in building and operating outsourcing-based organizations, from both, the CRO as well as the client perspective. A key element to a mutually beneficial CRO-client relationship is an information system that keeps each party informed about status, change of plans and anticipated future needs. We help you create such a system to aid both partners to effectively manage and advance their respective operations.

This way you can leverage outside expertise, grow a productive life science organization and operate at lower cost.