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Project Management

Deliver On Time & On Budget

Helping you to complete projects on time and on budget while meeting quality deliverables and reducing project failure rates. We help you implement scientific project management capabilities within your organization. Our approach starts with a ‘health check’ of existing projects and a maturity assessment of your organization and that of individual project managers. Then we create sensible short and long term growth plans for your specific situation and business goals. 

Depending on your particular environment this may include training of individual researchers, developing a project management office (PMO) and/or introducing a framework of policies to effectively govern or improve the project management discipline in your organization. We will estimate the expected impact of these measures and compare with actual outcomes. 

With years of active scientific project management in pre-clinical drug discovery research under our belts we work with you to avoid the pitfalls of forcing ‘project management by the PMBOK’ into a research-driven organization. Science happens, and needs to be allowed in order to maximize your team’s value. Assessing risk, elaborative planning and creating organization-wide transparency on resource requirements provide insights into ways to increase effectiveness. 

We help you tailor project management into a framework that fits your team and environment. We advise and help implementing tools and methods, introduce project management principles and systems that are appropriate for your organization.