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Data Clarity

Your researchers produce and consume information at an astounding volume. Over time, reorganizations and outsourcing efforts create an informatics and data management burden because your internal information management systems were built for a different world. It is difficult to interface with an ever greater number of partners and systems that may or may not be compatible with established internal processes. This is compounded by the advent of new capabilities for automation of laboratory processes in both hardware and software applications.

Drug discovery organizations and CROs engage us when their burden of managing these boundaries detract form their overall goals. We help reorganize your informatics relationship to streamline communication, improve project management oversight and increase analytics capabilities.

Our approach is sensitive to the fact that research data systems are complicated, are deeply rooted in the core of your R&D efforts and cannot be supplanted easily with entirely new systems in a big bang approach. Instead, we prefer leveraging existing systems and building where needed – always conscious that technology never stands still.